Back to School

 Get back into a routine and schedule.

Start making successful habits such as making a check list for after school, checking homework and book bags, asking about school, and having contact information for your child's teacher. 

Attend, with your child, back to school night, to allow everyone to meet the teacher and see the classroom.

Talk to you child about going back to school, check in to see if they have any worries about the new school year. 

Ask them about school and listen to their feelings and thoughts. Support them as they process and problem solve concerns.  

Gather the school supplies and new clothes, include your child and give them choices such as colors of school items.

Make sure your child is updated on vaccines and other wellness checks, call your doctor to make an appointment if necessary. 

The weather is still wonderful, continue to plan fun activities outside of school time.

Ways to help your child and your self transition from summer break to school.